20 Simple Mood Tracker Ideas for Bullet Journal


What is a bullet journal mood tracker?

Creating a mood tracker every month in your bullet journal can change your life for sure.

Sounds cliche? Alright, here is what I meant.

From the name itself, mood tracker spread will help you track your mood on a daily basis. This is such a powerful way to know yourself better.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Only when you are aware of what’s happening inside you, then you will figure out what actions need to be taken to fix or improve it.

I honestly love this mood tracker thing on my bullet journal and have noticed certain aspects of my life that I need to work on.

For example, I tend to spend more money when I’m anxious or sad about something, that right there definitely will not only affect my mental health but also my financial situation.

So trying to keep in a track about my mood and do a quick review about it has been really helpful.

If you are anything like me, then maybe it’s time to make small changes in your life by creating a mood tracker on your bullet journal pages.

“But I just started and don’t know how to draw or make those beautiful mood trackers layout yet”, you said.

I know how you feel. Seeing mood trackers with the perfect doodles here and there can seem a bit intimidating, especially when you are new to bullet journaling.

But don’t worry, I got you covered! I’ve rounded up 20 simple mood trackers ideas you can try right away easily and quickly this year.

Let’s get into this!

Mood Tracker Layout Ideas for Bullet Journal

#1 Lovey-Dovey Mood Tracker

Wow it’s not even February yet Abby, what’s the rush??

Lol I know, but I just love this spread so much and more importantly, it looks so simple to try.

So if you like it too, you can save it for next month.

bullet journal spreads in 2020
Credit @allplannedoutstudio

#2 Ghost Mood Tracker

I found this spread super cute yet a bit scary at the same time. Also, what’s amazing about this is you don’t need many supplies at all.

As you can see, all you need are a pen and 3 color pens to fill them up.

bullet journal spreads in 2020
Credit @aprils.bulletjournal

#3 Take a Chill Pill

Check out this one. It’s super easy to make yet still looks very aesthetic.

If you can’t draw those flowers in the corner, you can just put on stickers or washi tapes and we are all set!

mood tracker ideas for bullet journal
Credit by @artbyisabelle_

#4 Colorful Maple Leaf

As I’m leaving for Canada in two weeks, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have everything related to the country on my bullet journal.

And this spread is just perfect.

If you aren’t into these colors then you can always change them with your favorites colors.

bullet journal spreads in 2020
Credit @bujonoteswith.nina

#5 Bear & His Logs

I mean, look at the cute bear right there!

I definitely will try this one next month just to keep me excited about my bullet journal pages.

As you can see below, it’s pretty easy to follow and if you are too lazy to draw the bear, then (again) don’t worry! Stickers are there to save you.

bullet journal spreads in 2020
Credit @blueyes_alice

#6 Full Stars Mood Tracker

Feeling mellow? Then maybe it’s time to try this kind of mood tracker.

The star shape is definitely one of the cutest things you can draw on your bullet journal.

This spread is literally my go-to when I feel like I don’t have much time or want to make it real quick.

bullet journal spreads in 2020
Credit @buulletjoournal

#7 Colorful Numbers Mood Trackers

Hands-down the cutest yet simplest mood tracker I’ve ever seen.

Just numbers and filling them up with your favorite colors and it’s good to go!

Wow don’t you wish sometimes can be as easy as creating a bujo spread like this?

Mood tracker you need to try in 2020
Credit @chrissybujo

#8 Tea Bags Mood Tracker

If you are a tea person (or even a coffee person still can try), then creating this spread for mood tracker will be great.

And as usual, you can always play around with the colors.

mood tracker bujo spread ideas
Credit @claritzayvonne

#9 Water Bottle Mood Tracker

I was gonna say this is bubbles mood tracker because it looks like it at first.

But whatever it is, this looks super cute and easy to create and I’m so in love with the key index colors.

Mood tracker you need to try in 2020
Credit @homefairyhome

#10 Minimalist Boxes Mood Tracker

Wanna go minimalist with your spread? Then here is the perfect example for you.

I love how simple this black and white spread is.

Mood tracker you need to try in 2020
Credit @honeyblissjournals

#11 Rain Drops Mood Tracker

Here is another inspiration for you to find mood tracker layouts that is easy to create.

You can never go wrong with raindrops theme because it looks nice and aesthetic so you won’t get bored filling it up every day.

Adding washi tapes on the header is also something you can do to make it more interesting.

Mood tracker you need to try in 2020
Credit @improving_penelope

#12 Cute Random Icons

Mood tracker you need to try in 2020
Credit @journalsby_em

#13 Christmas Lights

There are so many bujo spreads with the lights theme now. If you wonder how to make one in a simple and quick way, then this one might be your go-to.

mood tracker in 2020
Credit @mak.snow_girl

#14 Red Lantern

This spread is perfect for you who celebrate Chinese New Year which is less than two weeks.

But eh… if you don’t, it’s still super cute to try in 2020.

Mood tracker in 2020
Credit @miloe.joanne

#15 Umbrella Mood Tracker

It’s been raining the whole week here in Bali, though I miss the sun, having umbrella drawings on my bullet journal might be a great idea too.

I love how cute and interesting this spread is. Not only it’s simple to make but also you get to draw different shapes with the umbrella theme.

Mood tracker in 2020
Credit @miloe.joanne

#16 Snowflakes in Winter

Who loves snowy days?

If you do, then try this snowflakes on your mood tracker might be a great idea.

As you can see it’s pretty simple to make. However, if you have more time, you can always make the small version of this snowflake and make it all on your page for the whole month.

bullet journal spreads
Credit @my_bujo_lb

#17 Greeny Lush Leaves

If you’ve been here long enough, you might have already known that I’m obsessed with the green color.

For me, it just looks so appealing having leaves drawings on your bullet journal.

Here is the perfect example for you if you like it too.

Easy and simple leaf shapes to draw. Then last thing you need to do is filling them up with Tombow dual brush pens in different shades.

Mood tracker in 2020
Credit @sherrymaywrites

#18 Easy Simple Trapezoid

I found this super easy to make as you can also experiment with different kind of shapes and see which one you like the most.

Then you can just make lines in it and write down the dates.

Prepare the key index and it’s ready to use for the whole month!

bullet journal spreads
Credit @tempehandaco13

#19 Street Lights

Here is another lights theme inspiration for your mood tracker.

This might not look the easiest to make but if you have more time and patience then it’s still worth to try and follow.

And of course, you can always play around with different shapes of lamps.

bullet journal spreads
Credit @theherbalempathplans

#20 Christmas Tree

Ever seen those spreads with Christmas themes yet with difficult drawings?

I’m sure you have.

Here below is the easiest one you can put for your mood tracker yet still looks beautiful with the Christmas theme.

bullet journal spreads
Credit @wafaa_younis90

How to Make a Mood Tracker in Bullet Journal

In case you still aren’t sure how to make a simple mood tracker on your bullet journal, this video from She Doodles might help you to get started.

She shows very simple ways to make one for beginners. So check this video out for some guidance.

Alright, that’s all I have for you today.

If you happen to find more ideas, just wanna say hi, feel free to drop a comment below or you can also email me. I love reading long messages :)

P.S: I publish new content every Tuesday & Friday. Be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter so you won’t miss anything from me.


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