How to Use Bullet Journal for Self Care


Why Do You Need Self-Care in Tough Times?

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed you don’t even know how or what to do anymore? Then it’s time to do more self-care activities.

Trust me, I’ve been there and some other people too out there so you are definitely not alone on this.


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And it makes sense that everything feels like falling apart after working so hard non-stop, your body and mind can’t be productive all the time.

And instead of keep forcing it, it’s much better for you to take a step back and recharge.

I can’t stress this enough of how important self-care is. Especially when you are under so much pressure, you still need a break and take time just for yourself.

I’m personally that type of person who gets stressed out pretty easily and when it happens, I need to take action right away.

Whether to recharge my battery (body, mind, and soul) or to detach from everything for a short time so I could come back stronger.

Here in this article, I’m stoked to give you self-care tips and how to maximize them using your bullet journal.

If you don’t have one, first, check out these reasons why bullet journaling is good for your life

I’m a hugeee believer that being aware of how you feel and acknowledge them, both for good and negative feelings, will help you a lot of life.

You tend to make the best decisions because you know what you are doing and need.


How to Use Bullet Journal for Self-Care

When it comes to bullet journal page ideas, there are so many. Like, SO MANY.

I was blown away by how many amazing self-care page layouts out there that bullet-journalists create.

We’ll get into that in a second.

First, here are some recommendations for some great self-care page ideas so you can insert them to your bullet journal spreads.

I personally love and use these ideas because they help me to stay sane. So whenever you feel like it, give one of this list a try.

There are also some tips on how to use them so you won’t feel like you are wasting your time by creating them in the first place.

– Mood tracker

Mood tracker has got to be one of the bujo spreads that give the most impact on our lives. There are just so many positive things you’ll get by having this page on your bullet journal.

If you need inspirations of how to create your own mood trackers, be sure to check out this creative mood tracker list that will help you be more productive. 

– Waterlog

I bet you know why I put this on the list as part of self-care activities. Yes! drinking enough water daily can help you feel so much better.

But since most of us tend to forget things, having a water log on your bullet journal spread helps you stay on track AND healthy at the same time.

– Happy list

I might be too excited for this one list because… well, this happy list will make you obviously h-a-p-p-y.

So if you decide to put this on your bullet journal spread, start with some small things that make you happy.

Even if those things don’t make sense. And of course, you don’t have to put it in order or based them on category, just write down what’s on your mind when it comes to this happy list.

– Things to do – on weekends

Instead of writing down your ideas on Google Calendar about what to do for the weekends, try to put one on your bullet journal spread.

I personally like using this page for my personal projects such as; learning how to play a new song with guitar, writing some articles that have nothing to do with my work/bullet journaling, finding ideas on Youtube for batch cooking and etc.

– Inspirations weekly

I’d say this is a must-page for your self-care activities on the bullet journal. Feeling inspired, even by a little thing is a huge deal especially when you have a bad day.

Either you can cut and put on different stickers on what inspires you or you can doodle a different kind of thing that help you stay inspired throughout the week.

Don’t really know how to doodle? check out this article that will teach you how to doodle easily

– Songs Playlist

If you are on Spotify, I know it’s that easy to create an album containing all of your fav songs in one go.

But having a song playlist on your bujo spread will give you a different feeling as it pushes you to be more creative. Also, it’s always a FUN project to do in your self-care activity.

– Favorites

This can apply to all of the things in the world that are your favorites. For example; people, food, boutiques, snacks, ice cream flavors and many more.

I personally like to write down my favorite places to travel and because the list keeps changing every year, it’s always nice to read back and see those changes and why made me choose certain places over another.

– Bucket list/wishlist

My bucket list can go a really long way and super random sometimes. There is no rule as to what kind of wishes you can add here. Like, a n y t h i n g.

I put this as one of the self-care activities that you can do at home because it’s important to have goals and what to look forward to in the future.

Especially when your present isn’t as good as you want it to be. It’ll give you hope.

– Places to travel

This list can be used for a specific goal of places that you want to travel to.

So you can start off with writing down the countries’ names, when are the dates you plan to come, where to stay and some cool spots to check out.

– Books to read

For most people reading books can be a fun thing to do. and I’m sure you’ve seen those beautiful Books-to-read list layout ideas from other bullet journalists.

Having this page on your bujo spread will definitely make it all organized. You actually will see how many books you’ve read this month and stay on track with your reading goals.

– Washi tape swatches

If you are like me who likes collecting washi tapes, you definitely want to add washi tapes swatch to your bujo spread.

Not only it’s fun to make it but also to avoid the double purchases because now you know what colors/types of washi tapes you have at home.

– Bullet-journal supplies collections

This goes for general supplies and basically all of the supplies you need for bullet journaling.

From pens, journals, brushes, to washi tapes or stickers.

– Gratitude log

I’m a huge believer that the more grateful you are, the more will you get. This applies to almost everything in life.

However, it’s so easy for us to forget and take things for granted.

So having this gratitude log will remind you to sit down and remember that even on the worst days, there are still something you need to feel grateful for.

– Brain dump

Feeling like all over the place? Then you need a Brain Dump page.

Write down everything that’s on your mind. You don’t have to put it in order. The goal here is to let it all out and finish it with a relief feeling.

– Habit trackers

It’s easier said than done when it comes to making good new habits stick.

This habit tracker page will help you stay on track and as a constant reminder that you have to push it through and show up every single day for your habits to stick.

– Raw ideas

I like having Raw Ideas page because you never know when will the ideas cross your mind.

Even random ideas such as meal recipe ideas. It doesn’t have to be super creative or work-related only.

– Personal projects

How many of us wanna start a personal project but got no time to do it?

If that’s the case then the first step you need to do is adding specifically Personal Projects page on your bujo spread.

This will help you get the idea out of your head and once you do that, it’s gonna get clearer of what actions you need to take or when are you available to do it.

– New hobbies you’d love to try

From learning guitar, how to doodle, hand-lettering, writing a fiction novel, you name it all.

But there are only so much you can do at one time so write down all of your new hobbies that you’d love to try on your bujo spread to make it more exciting.

– Sleep log

Getting enough sleep every night will definitely make you feel better and increase your productivity during the day.

However, if you aren’t sure how many hours do you sleep per night, then it’s time to add the sleep log on your bujo spreads.

– Things I admire about myself

This is more like an affirmations list you have to create once in a while. I can’t stress this enough that you need this.

You need to remind yourself that you are worth it, that sounds cheesy but really, if you don’t even acknowledge all the good things about you inside and out, why would other people do that?

– Podcasts to listen to

Believe it or now, listening to podcast daily will help you boost your confidence and it’s part of self-care activities as well.

But nowadays there are so many good shows that you can listen to, so having this list on your bullet journal spread will help you identify better of which podcasts that can level up your overall life.

– Movies to watch

Got too many movies to watch on the list?

With adding the Movies to Watch list on your bujo spreads, you won’t feel overwhelmed anymore and stay organized with your movies list.

– Back in time

This is more like reminiscing all the good old days.

While thinking back about past events will bring back some negatives feelings too, it’s important to remind yourself how far you’ve gone.

It’s so easy for us sometimes to only focus on the bad things or keep pushing hard to make our dreams come true.

Meanwhile, we often forget to acknowledge those small wins that have brought us to be where we are right now.

– New recipes to try

For those who love cooking, it’s great to have this New Recipes to Try the page on your bullet journal so that you won’t forget.

Also, having this page will make you more excited about the cooking activity at home.

– Weekly wins

Celebrate the weekly wins you got! Because the small-small wins do matter.

I personally love this page to track how far I’ve gone and how will I set my new next goals.

– Exercise tracker

This can apply to any physical exercise you do daily such as Yoga, running, swimming or exercising at the gym.

– Social Media detox

We’ve all been there where it’s just overwhelming being on social media.

It took me quite a while to figure out how to not let it affect me too much to the point where I wasn’t present at all.

One of them is having social media detox. So before you hit a burn out or too stress out, committed to yourself that you are gonna take a social media detox.

Delete that App on your phone and try something new that has nothing to do with social media and only do those things for yourself.

Having this page on your bujo spread will help you analyze your thoughts as to why you feel overwhelmed in the first place.

And most importantly, helping you to track how many days you can go without social media and all the positive things you got during the break.

Examples of Self-Care Bullet Journal Layouts

I hands-down love all of these self-care bullet journal layouts.

There are so many ways on how to have fun with your spreads in the theme of self-care. They can be full of cute doodles, colors or washi tapes.

Starting your day with these creative self-care doodles

bullet journal self care ideas
beautifully created by @bujowithbriana

Simple & easy list of things to do for self-care bujo spread

bullet journal self care ideas
beautifully created by @chronically_creative_

A self-care checklist for you that you can do & tick off on weekends

bullet journal self care ideas
beautifully created by @chronically_creative_

Creative self-care bingo you definitely need to try out

bullet journal self care ideas
beautifully created by @create_with_jessica

Might as well to make your self-care spread colorful!

bullet journal self care ideas you can try this year
beautifully created by @jl_sloth_artist

Minimalist self-care doodles to keep it simple and aesthetic

bullet journal self care ideas you can try this year
beautifully created by @jadebufete

Make your grateful log more interesting with these pastel doodles

bullet journal self care ideas you can try this year
beautifully created by @jadebufete

A must-have inspiration page for every bullet journalist

bullet journal self care ideas you can try this year
beautifully created by @jadebufete

Being creative & happy at the same time with this Happy List for self-care bujo

bullet journal self care ideas you can try this year
beautifully created by @jadebufete

Candy, cooking, dancing….. write it all out! it’s your Favorite list

bullet journal self care ideas you can try this year
beautifully created by @plan.with.teddi

A simple water log to stay hydrated

bullet journal self care ideas you can try this year
beautifully created by @battle.against.the.bulge

Being more creative with your water log by adding some colors into it

self care bullet journal inspirations in 2020
beautifully created by

Write down all of the songs you can’t stop listening to on your bujo

self care bullet journal inspirations in 2020
beautifully created by @chicbujo

This minimalist playlist page you definitely don’t want to miss out

self care bullet journal inspirations in 2020
beautifully created by @study_vivien

Drawing Challenge or other challenges to stay productive

self care bullet journal inspirations in 2020
beautifully created by @thekawaiijournal

Try these simple things to do for a self-care activity on weekends

self care bullet journal inspirations in 2020
beautifully created by @katies.bulletjournal

More self-care ideas that you can do this year

beautifully created by @marigold_moon

A kind reminder to put yourself first

beautifully created by @mindsetstudies

Self-care ideas for your body, mind, and spirit

beautifully created by @nicolesbujoandbotanical

Goals resolutions list to keep moving

beautifully created by @sassypigeonhq

Resources to help you maximize your self-care activity

  • Inspirational Books

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

This one book has been helping me a lot throughout the years and I can’t recommend you enough.

With all of these social media activities going on, it’s hard to be present and this book will teach you how to do that.

Don’t Keep Your Day Job by Cathy Heller

I love Cathy! Her book and her podcast the Don’t Keep Your Day Job has been my go-to whenever I feel stuck.

From boosting your confidence that you will figure it out to having real plans to make your dreams come true. She’ll teach you all that.

You can never feel bad after reading this inspiring book.

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Feeling like you are stuck in the same place year after year after year after year?

Then definitely check out this amazing book.

There will be some powerful affirmations words that you can practice in daily life and other tips on how to get out of the ‘bubble’.

  • Podcast Shows

When it comes to Podcast shows, I have too many on my list.

But these 3 inspirational Podcast shows are my favorite ones that I listen to every morning and I promise you, you’ll always come back feeling recharged.

Cathy Heller – Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Davida – That’s so Maven 

The Goal Digger – Jenna Kutcher 

  • Legit Websites to Read On has been my go-to for daily reading.

Once you go to his website, you can literally find pretty much everything about the best life tips.

Go check it out for some life-learning inspirations.

  • Music to Listen to

I love all the songs in the Always in Between album by Jess Glynne. They are so so empowering but at the same time, literally a kind reminder that it’s okay to feel broken and let it all out.

Those are some of my go-to resources when I have the bad days or just wanna take time for myself, doing my fav self-care activity.


Self-Care bullet journal printables

There is no way I’d end this article without providing you some of my best bullet journal printables here, especially for self-care activity.

I think it’s a must-do for anyone, at least once per two weeks.

Click the links below to download which spread you’d like to use:


Mood Tracker – download here

Water Log – download here

Habit Tracker – download here

Sleep Log – download here


I really hope that these printables I created for you will help you cultivate your self-care journey.

Also, just a reminder that it’s totally okay to feel sad /like, really really sad – that sad where you wanna cry all day and hide under your blanket while holding ice cream at the same time/.

As long as you acknowledge the feelings and take action to move forward, then you’ll feel better in no time.

YOU got this! :)

Please let me know in the comment section or hit me up via email if you find this useful.

‘Til next time :)

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