How to Doodle for Bullet Journal Spreads


It’s still early in 2020 where people are still on fire to go chasing their goals and do everything they could to make it happen.

I’m curious to know what’s on your things-to-learn bucket list this year.

I’ve got a lot. And learning how to doodle is one of them.

Ever seen those cute doodles all over the pages and wonder if you can do the same thing too but then got frustrated because it’s apparently not easy? Yeah been there.

But maybe if we start small, with a simple doodle one hour per day, then it wouldn’t’ be that overwhelming.

If you are like me, I’ve rounded up 10 doodle tutorials you can try.

Don’t worry to make your doodle perfect, progress over perfection, remember?:)

Alright, so we’ll start with this cute and simple penguins doodle by _doodle_me_this_

This will go well with your mood tracker and fill them in with different colors, based on how you feel that day.

how to doodle tutorials
credit @_doodle_me_this_

It’s wintertime here in Canada! and I’m obsessed with this snowflakes doodle. It’s simple and easy to follow along.

If you are in the winter mood for your bullet journal, then definitely need to try this out!

bullet journal doodles in 2020 you need to try
credit @_doodle_me_this_

If you are a fan of Kanken backpacks, then this might be the best inspiration for you.

You can create this on the cover page or on the header of your weekly spread.

bullet journal doodles in 2020 you need to try
credit @_doodle_me_this_

I’ve always seen flamingos doodle on bujo spreads and wonder how to draw them myself because it looks complicated.

But this tutorial helps me a lot to overcome that mindset. And it definitely makes it look simpler.

Bujo spreads that you can put on for this kind of doodles are weekly or monthly spreads, gratitude log, and brain dump.

bullet journal doodles in 2020 you need to try
credit @_doodle_me_this_

This cupcake doodle theme is one of the most popular doodles I’ve seen so far.

Here, you can play around with different kinds of shapes and basically start with the one that you think is easier.

This cupcake doodle will go perfectly on your mood tracker. I can’t wait to try it myself!

how to doodle for your bullet journal
credit @_doodle_me_this_

The cup doodle theme never gets old. I personally love this tutorial with the easy steps to follow along.

I’d like to think any swatches spread (brush pens, washi tapes, stickers) will look great with this doodle.

how to doodle for your bullet journal
credit @appy.doodles

Wanna draw simple flowers? then check out this one.

As February is around the corner and there is Valentine’s Day to celebrate, you might wanna put this doodle on your mood tracker or any other spreads and fill them in with different kinds of shades of pink color.

how to doodle for your bullet journal
credit @prettypinkpastelplease

This is the simplest doodle you can try if you are short in time.

I’ve seen people use this doodle theme for their cover page or just quote page in general.

If you wanna learn how to doodle but still don’t have much time, then starting with a simple one like this might help.

how to doodle for your bullet journal
credit @shibadoodle

If you are into that planet and galaxy theme on your bullet journal pages, then this doodle tutorial gives you more options.

This is perfect for any spreads and honestly now that I’m thinking about it, I’ll try to use this doodle for my mood tracker as well with my sleep log.

how to doodle for your bullet journal
credit @shibadoodle

Can’t wait for October and have that spooky theme on your bullet journal spread? learn how to doodle with this simple pumpkin tutorial below.

@splendidscribbles makes it easy to follow along.

how to doodle for your bullet journal
credit @splendidscribbles

Ok those are the doodle tutorials I could get for you. I hope this list makes you excited to be more creative with your bujo spreads.

But, if you use videos more to learn something new, then I’ve found this super helpful video for you.

Carrie will walk you through how to doodle for your bullet journal.

I don’t wanna sound like I’m exaggerating here but she literally makes it look easy and simple.

It’s always a good feeling when you don’t feel overwhelmed at the beginning of learning something new.

So go check it out!

I myself still on my learning journey on how to doodle and will definitely provide you more tutorials once I’m good at it.

Also, I don’t want to forget to say this; it means a lot to me that you are here on this blog, scrolling through for inspiration.

I can’t be more grateful and it feels great to be here twice a week.

If you don’t wanna miss out on the new inspirations posts, then go sign up on my newsletter.

In the meantime, enjoy these doodle tutorials from adorable and creative people on Instagram.

Talk to you soon,


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