Future Log – Why Is It Important for Your Bullet Journal Spreads


I was super stoked when I wrote this one because Future Log is one of the most exciting spreads I love creating in my bullet journal pages. 

Not a lot of people are into planning their future. I got it. And our wants and plans are constantly changing. But not having a system of our plans can bring us stress because we feel like it’s all over the place.

If you are new to bullet journal, you will want to put this future log into your spreads and get creatives with it so you’ll always be feeling excited when you fill it out.

But first, let’s talk about why do you even need this Future Log in your bullet journal spreads in the first place.

You Won’t Forget People’s Birthdays Anymore

I barely remember people’s Birthday other than my mom’s. No matter how hard I try, I always end up missing it.

If you are like me, you have to definitely put this spread on your future log because it’s gonna save you lots of time instead of remembering your family or friend’s birthday every single month.

Plus, by having this on your spread, you can prepare for a surprise!

You Won’t Miss Any Important Events

I always have those days where I was laying in bed, thinking, “I feel like I have something important today but I can’t recall what it is” and the next day a friend of mine texted me why I didn’t come to her baby shower’s party.

I felt bad because she is my friend and it’s important to her.

Having future log on your bullet journal pages will not only save you this kind of problem but also you’ll feel more prepared before the day comes or if you are busy and feel like you can’t make it, you can cancel few days before instead of missing it.

This includes any events, concerts, business meetings, conference calls, family gatherings, dinner parties, hangouts, summer festivals, family picnic, family reunion, and graduation party.

You will Keep in Track With Your Goals

If you talk about it, it’s a dream. if you envision about it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.

-Tony Robbins

This is the main reason why I always have a Future Log page on my bullet journal.

This allows you to track your progress or reevaluate whether you still wanna work on the goals you wrote down by the first month of the year or not.

Seeing the progress that we achieved from certain goals is one of the best feelings ever. It makes us feel good because it shows that we can commit. If in some cases we decided to change our plans/goals, it’s still a learning process that we are growing and constantly changing.

You will Be More Organized

By having all the big plans mapped out, your mind will become more clear and you can shift your energy to something else that you want to work on.

I honestly feel more organized by having future log page on my bullet journal because I know I’ll open it every day and it just takes me a glance to see what’s happening this week/this month and then I can go on working on my goals.

Here I’d list all (hopefully I don’t miss one) kinds of  future log spreads:

  1. Birthdays
  2. Travel plans
  3. Bucket list
  4. Goals (personal goal, career, personal development)
  5. Something new to try
  6. Client meetings
  7. Any application deadlines
  8. Graduation
  9. Baby Shower event
  10. Bridal Shower events
  11. Hangouts
  12. Family reunion
  13. Monthly meeting at work
  14. Weddings
  15. Concerts & Festivals

Future log inspiration :

In case you are confused about how to create your future log spread, here is some inspiration to get you started :)


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Alright! that’s all I got for you guys. I really hope you can learn a thing or two or at least get inspired and finally make your first future log! :)


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