21 Washi Tape Ideas for Bullet Journal


Washi Tapes for your Bullet Journal Spreads

Creating bujo spreads can be daunting sometimes, especially when you try to come up with something new every week. That’s why today we are gonna get some washi tape ideas rolling to keep things exciting!

I’ve been obsessed with washi tape currently and found myself looking for washi tape ideas everywhere. Be it on Instagram or Pinterest.

If you are like me and still very new in the washi tape world, I’ve listed 44 washi tape ideas for you to get started in creating your bullet journal spreads.

But first, let’s talk on why do you need washi tapes for your bullet journal? Is it that necessary?

To be honest with you… it’s not.

It’s not necessary for you if you just want your bullet journal to be minimalist. With the black and white theme.

But since girls (I mean, me) like pretty things, decorating bullet journal spreads can be super exciting! And my aim is always to create spreads that are appealing and useful at the same time. And using washi tape is one of the best ways to achieve it!

Since washi tape has different types and colors you might feel overwhelmed (in a good way) with which one to choose.

The best part about washi tape is it’s removable so when you are done making the spread and not feeling it, you can just take it out and replace it with another washi tape.

Ok, let’s get into it!


Weekly Spreads

Here is the best fun about using washi tape for your weekly spread; you get to experiment with a different theme every single week so you won’t feel bored.

beautifully created by @inspiringsunday
washi tape ideas for bullet journaling
beautifully created by @_craftsnperks_
beautifully created by @creativelycara

Future Logs

Future log or Year at a glance is as important as your weekly/monthly spread.

And since it’s made once a year (though I also like making it monthly too), you can swatch all your washi tapes collection here and get creative with it!

washi tape ideas for bullet journaling
beautifully created by @fatinbulletjournal
beautifully created by @inspiringsunday

Habit trackers

Ever written down lots of habits and ended up not achieving anything? I have.

It sucks because you feel like you aren’t growing. So keeping a habit tracker on your bullet journal is essential to help you make progress.

So what’s the correlation between habit tracker and washi tape, you asked? there is!

Personally I love decorating my habit tracker spread the most because I want to keep feeling motivated every time I open it. And since I have lots of things to do in a day, washi tape helps me get the spread that I feel proud of yet still useful.

beautifully created by @sabradbujo

Mood trackers

It’s mind-blowing how many amazing mood trackers spread out there. But I found out that they are mostly doodles.

“I wish I was good at doodling” that’s what I said the first time I did bullet-journaling. Then I found washi tapes and started getting crazy (I mean creative) with it.

So if you are like me, who aren’t good at doodling or drawing but still wanna make your bullet journal spreads look pretty, then give a try to use washi tape for your mood tracker.

washi tape ideas for bullet journaling
beautifully created by @barbar_bye


Monthly spreads

Just like weekly spread, using washi tape for this layout will have a higher chance for you to have a productive month.

I mean, think about it…

You’ve spent so much time decorating it and feeling proud that hey you can be creative too! so there is no way you won’t open and fill it out and finally work hard on the goals you’ve written there.

beautifully created by @art_bujo_inspire.pl
beautifully created by @coffee_and_starlight


Washi swatches

This is the most exciting part! I used to forget what kinds of washi tapes I have so that makes me confused in the middle of making my bullet journal spread and I ended up not really happy with it.

It’s just too much hassle if I had to take it all out to see which one do I want to use.

So if you are like me and have more than 5 washi tapes, I’d suggest you put this spread on your bullet journal.

bullet journal washi tape ideas
beautifully created by @bujo.nik
beautifully created by @art_bujo_inspire.pl


Cover pages

Cover pages! who doesn’t love creating them? When it’s hard to create a beautiful cover page without having the ability to draw or doodle, washi tapes can help you with that. Along with stickers to add here and there, you are good to go!

bullet journal washi tape ideas
beautifully created by @marialidadesdiy
beautifully created by @softlyjournaling


Daily spreads

Just like monthly spread, using washi tapes for your daily spread makes it look simpler.

For the daily tasks page, I usually made my own sticky notes by cutting some leftover papers and use washi tapes for the title.

Check out the picture below:

beautifully created by @inspiringsunday
beautifully created by @creativelycara
beautifully created by @bujo.nik


Quote pages

I found the quote page to be a super useful and a good reminder of why I started something in the first place. Ofc you have to put quotes that resonate with you best.

In case you don’t have much time to decorate your quote page, just grab your washi tapes and add them in each corner of the page and voila! it looks awesome already!

beautifully created by @inspiringsunday

Brain dump pages

Never ever created my bullet journal without this one spread. I created the brain dump page weekly or once every two weeks so that I can literally fill it out.

If you are the type of person who gets overwhelmed easily, try to put a brain dump page in your bullet journal. Make sure to decorate it with washi tapes. Check out this picture below as reference:

beautifully created by @inspiringsunday

Things to Buy (or any other finance) spreads

While creating finance spreads can be overwhelming, you can definitely simplify it by adding washi tape on it.

beautifully created by @_happy_journal_

Gratitude spreads

And lastly, gratitude spread. Having it decorated nicely with washi tape will help you feel more grateful each day because you have a chance to work on your creative journey and express yourself. That itself is a blessing.

beautifully created by @inspiringsunday

Also, I found this video very helpful. Especially the part where we get to create a spread about our washi tape inventory as I always forget how many and what kind of washi tapes I have in the collection box.

So now every time I get confused to decide which washi tape should I use, I can just go back to the washi tape inventory.


Best Washi Tape supplies for your spread

These two are my best recommendations in case you wanna start off creating your bujo spreads using washi.

I like these two collections because they give me plenty of options; with the plain and grid.




So hopefully this washi tape ideas list helps you taking actions and start decorating your bullet journal pages.

P.S In case you still feel confused about what to put on your bullet journal spreads, be sure to check out this post. Happy creating! :)


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