Cheap Washi Tapes Under $10 for Bullet Journaling


When I first started a bullet journal, I had no idea that there are so many different washi tapes in the market. It’s overwhelming and exciting at the same time because you might end up with this giant list of washi tapes on your ‘things to buy’ spread.

While I try to still be creative and create something useful and pretty for my bullet journal, it’s also important to keep this thing within a budget.

You probably know already by now that I’m obsessed with washi tapes. Not only that they are cute & pretty, but also they help me increase my creativity for the bullet journal spreads.

Making something pretty with washi tapes makes me pretty somehow. I know, so weird.

But if you can relate to me (or maybe not) but still want to get those cute washi tapes under $10 then read along for the cheap washi tapes I’ve listed for you here.

Green is the color!

Oh my gosh, I loveeee green. I’d try to get anything in green now and this website’s theme is the proof that I love it to death.

If you are bored with all the pink colors all over your bullet journal pages, then try to switch to this color you might end up liking it as much as I do!

cheap-washi-tape-under-$10                            cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10


Try the Foil Gold

Some people are into this foil gold theme for the washi tapes and though I prefer the plain ones, I still gave it a try to get some new washi with gold in it.


cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10                         cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10


Play Around with the Floral Washi

How cute are these seriously?!

I had the most fun time playing around with the floral washi tapes. Though most of them aren’t masking tape, they can be super useful to create a header or any spreads in your bullet journal pages.

If you are looking for new washi tapes with a floral theme but doesn’t want to make it too crazy on your spread then I’d 100% recommend this pack as your new bestie!


cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10                        cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10

The Super Gold washi for Christmas

Ok you might already notice by now that I put more gold washi in this post. Maybe because Christmas is coming and I know you are feeling like decorating everything.

And this washi is pretty multifunction because you can use it for your bujo spreads AND the Christmas gifts.

cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10 .                cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10

The Cultural Japanese Pattern

Cultural washi tapes are super popular nowadays. With all kinds of cultural washi out there, this Japanese pattern is my favorite one. It has different colors and design altogether.

If you need more variety in your bullet journal pages, try to get this cheap pack of Japanese Pattern as well.


cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10          cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10


Mvchif Washi Tapes

Even though I’m not into blue, this one package of Mvchif washi tapes made me have a whole page decorated in blue. What I liked the most is that we can use this as a masking tape as well. The design is super classy and with the cheap price, I can’t really say no.


cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10            cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10


City Washi Tapes

For those of you who like the city theme on your washi, this might be the best option to add in your collection.

I personally love the New York washi tape theme and it makes my spread brighter!

cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10 cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10                                                         cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10


Gold Foil Print

I know you are sick already with the gold washi tapes but I had to mention this one gold foil print because I love how the colors in it. It looks super fancy but knowing I can get it less than $10 makes me so happier!

And again, of course, I’d always recommend something that you can use for different purposes as well. Decorating your pensil case? or your old vision board? Give it a try!

cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10         cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10


Another Natural washi

Anddddd another natural color washi. What I love about color washi is that they can be used as masking tapes as well. You must have those times when you make too much correction on your bullet journal spread it ended up dirty or unappealing.

This color washi tapes can definitely do the work on cleaning that out for you. I do this all the time in every bujo page. Even when you get bored with one of your spread, you can add a little color here and there to make it more appealing!

cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10         cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10


Have Fun with Rainbow Washi tapes

You know those days when you feel gloomy on Sunday morning and you need something colorful to brighten your day? I found this pack of rainbow washi tapes help me every time.

You never know adding different colors on your bujo spread would make a big impact on how you feel :)

cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10       cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10


Solid Gold Washi Tapes

I promise this is the last gold washi I’ve listed here. And I’m not gonna say much about this one because… you know, I love how useful gold washi is and its bright color which always makes my day.




Get Creative with the Design Washi tapes

Sometimes I wonder how in the world people be so creative with washi tapes design. It’s just so cool and inspiring to me.

Creating a bullet journal spread with the design washi has always given me that exciting feeling because it literally pushes me to get creative with it.

Even on your lazy days, these design washi could save you because the work has been done for you and with little effort here and there, you’ll get your spread sparking with its full of creativity!

cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10 .       cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10


Doodle Doodle

You don’t know how to doodle? Me too. Isn’t that frustrating sometimes? We see all of those pretty bullet journal pages with its cute doodles. Yes you can learn but it still takes time while you just can’t wait to make your monthly bullet journal right now!

But guess what? I’ve found the perfect solution for us.

Washi tapes doodles do exist! This means all you need to do now is just sticking it all on your page however you like! I do this mostly for my cover page. And there you have it! A spread with cute and pretty doodles. Easy peasy!


cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10 cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10


Go Lit with Glitter Washi Tapes

Some days I just feel crazy and plan washi tapes don’t help much. So I’d pull out these glitter washi tapes to ‘sparkle’ my pages.

In case you have those days too, try to get this pack as well. ‘Cause life is too short to be spent on only plain washi tapes ;)

cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10    cheap-washi-tapes-under-$10


So those are all the cheap washi tapes under $10 I could list for you. Let me know what you create by tagging me on Instagram and I can’t wait for your inspiring bullet journal spreads! :)

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