Bullet Journaling: 7 Awesome Benefits & How To Start One


I truly mean it when I say there are just so many benefits of bullet journaling. Gosh, I wish somebody told me earlier. My life would have been more organized and creative and meaningful and…

Oh well, life is a constant learning curve. Learn from my mistake and I’m telling you it’s never too late to start one if you haven’t already.

benefits of bullet journaling

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Benefits of Bullet Journaling

I’m definitely gonna show you how can you start one and any bullet journal pages ideas you can try here but before we dive in into all those, let’s talk about the benefits you can reap from bullet journaling, ready?

1. Bullet journaling is good for your mental health

Believe it or not, bullet journaling can reduce your stress and improve your mental health. The reason being is that by keeping a bullet journal, you’ll log in to track your activities and write down your thoughts.

The bullet journal pages that will help you with this are Gratitude Log and Brain Dump. Mood tracker is also good because it will help you track and analyze your mood on a daily basis.

2. You become more productive

With the weekly spread in the bullet journal, you’ll most likely get more things done because it’s right there, you wrote them down.

You always want to make sure you tick most of the things on the list, because if you don’t, well… what’s the point of putting them on the list?

I find weekly spread to be extremely helpful. Or sometimes I like to make a separate page that contains specific tasks about work only so they won’t jumble up with other to-dos such as groceries or other things I need to do in the day.

3. Bullet Journaling can increase your creativity

I’m the living proof of this benefit. I became more keen on learning and creating new stuff. Just by creating bullet journal spreads themselves can make me fired up.

I’ve been learning a bunch of stuff since I started bullet journaling. From learning how to doodle, use washi tapes, create bullet journal printables, use Tombo dual brush pens on my spreads, to something that has nothing to do with my bullet journal like, photography.

Even on the lazy days, keeping a bullet journal will help you stay creative. Let’s say, it’s the end of the month and now you need to create new pages because if you don’t, then you won’t have those habits tracker or gratitude log that you can use next month.

So more likely than not, you’ll go to Pinterest and look for inspiration and before you know it, you are back in crafting your bujo spreads!

4. No more boring days

Yup. No more those boring lazy days where you have nothing to look forward to. There are tons of new things you can learn on a daily basis to improve your bullet journal spreads.

We as humans are always unsatisfied and crave something new whenever we can because by doing something new, we’ll feel better. We feel unstuck.

It doesn’t have to be all related to bullet journal, try to create a ‘bucket list’ page and start writing down all the things you would love to do.

Here are other spread recommendations you can create on your bullet journal so you won’t feel bored:

  • Books to read
  • Playlist
  • Bucket list shots (for those who love photography)
  • Washi tapes swatches
  • Pens swatches
  • Country to visit
  • Weekend getaway
  • Roadtrip Playlist
  • Movies to watch

5. Getting your life back on track

There is no doubt that keeping a bullet journal will help you track your life better. Habits tracker, for example, it gives you significant result on how far you’ve come.

So if you feel like your life isn’t on track, or you have no idea how much progress you made this year, then maybe it’s time to start something new, which is, bullet journaling! :)

6. You accomplish more goals and gain more skills

Who doesn’t want to gain more skills?

Bullet journaling will push you to learn more. Even if you are into a minimalist bullet journal and don’t like drawing, you’ll still want to know a thing or two in keeping your bullet journal useful and neat.

I didn’t know how to draw straight lines the first time I started bullet journaling, so I had to learn that part first because cluttered and messy spreads just don’t motivate me.

7. You get to know yourself way much better

Not only your life become more organized, and you have better skin (only if you put ‘water to drink’ tracker on your spreads), but also you get to know yourself.

What you like and you don’t like, what routines work for you, and what to do when you are feeling down. These are the things that you’ll know eventually because you keep track of what’s happening in your life.

It keeps you moving because now you have a purpose and actionable goals you need to work on. So no more feeling depressed or stuck.

Is Bullet Journaling time-consuming?

I would say Yes and No.

Yes, if you are a perfectionist and you want to make all those appealing pages on your bullet journal. I myself like spending hours on creating my bullet journal, be it using washi tapes or stickers.

But hey! it’s so rewarding because you learn how to be creative with what you have and honestly, nothing feels better than accomplishing something you thought you couldn’t do.

And No, because nowadays there are hundreds of free printables for bullet journal that you can download or purchase on Etsy for $2. So you can just print and cut and stick them on your bujo spreads!

I personally always find printables, stickers, etc, helpful especially when I’m short in time.

What Do You Need for Bullet Journal?

For a starter, I’d suggest using only your pen, a notebook, and a ruler. Yeah, as simple as that.

You can always level up your creativity with your spreads using washi tapes or try out brush pens.


how to use Tombow dual brush pens for your bullet journal spreads

washi tape ideas to help you create beautiful bullet journal spreads

How to Start a Bullet Journal

Starting a bullet journal can be as simple as deciding what pages do you want to put in.

But in case you get stuck, I found this video useful to help you started. :)

Aaaand, if you are stuck not knowing what spreads/pages should you create first, here are some ideas:

  1. Habits Tracker
  2. Mood Tracker
  3. Monthly Spread
  4. Weekly Spread
  5. Brain Dump
  6. Gratitude Log
  7. Quote Page

Tip: I recommend not creating too many pages for the first time because you will end up feeling overwhelmed. Yes, you want to make them pretty but also make sure they are pages you are keen to use on your daily basis.

Bullet Journal Layout Ideas You Can Try

To help you started, here are some inspirations for you. Most people like using themes on their bullet journal spreads, so different month will be a different theme.

But in case it’s too overwhelming or you have no idea what theme are you gonna use (don’t worry, I’ve been there more than I could count), then you don’t have to.

At the end of the day, you should only create something you’re proud of, not something you are told to create just because it looks good.

bullet journal pages ideas bullet journal spreads ideas bujo spreads ideas

bujo spreads ideas 9 benefits of bullet journaling

Photos Credit by @bulletjournal_veronica

I love how @bulletjournal_veronica plays with a snowy winter theme here. Though it has some drawings here and there, each page still looks super neat.

bullet journaling for creatives bullet journaling in 2020 benefits of bullet journaling

reasons to start bullet journaling in 2020 bujo spreads inspo

Photos Credit by @grace.journals

I honestly don’t know how people can get so creative coming up with a different theme for each month. It amazes me. Either I’m not that imaginative or maybe this is a skill that requires time to gain.

@grace.journals really pulled it off here, look how cute the cover page is! I love she puts different colors for each habit in the habits tracker page so it’s easier to do a review by the end of the month.

reasons to start bujo how to bullet journal bullet journaling benefits of bullet journaling

Photos Credit by @keletters

people are just into colors so much. If you are like @keletters who wanna make the weekly spread colorful yet still wanna keep it simple, give those spreads a try!

So What’s the Point of Bullet Journaling?

The main point of bullet journaling is to help you track what’s happening in your life. You stay organize and productive.

No one wants to feel stuck. And if you feel stuck, you don’t feel like moving because what’s the point? You don’t have proof that your life is getting better or whatever you are doing will help you improve your life.

With that being said, I hope you find this article helpful or at least give you some clarity on why you should try to do bullet journaling at least once in a lifetime.

If you don’t like it, then it’s okay! You still can try other things that work for you. For example, Morning Pages or just journaling in general. :)


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