Bullet Journal Theme Ideas: February


Last week I was thinking to make this series of bullet journal theme ideas for each month throughout the year.

I know how much it means for you to have a full complete resource on every bullet journal ideas so I’m doing my best to provide those things.

Anyway, are you still on fire with creating your bullet journal spreads? I hope you are.

Though I love planning ahead, this year I decided to take just one step at a time that feels right to me and go full-on with that.

Many of us think we need to write down all of our plans and somehow get to figure out all the 7 or 10 next steps we need to take.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Sometimes taking that one next step will bring us so much progress we never know. And those small steps would always add up so before we know it, our life is getting better.

credit @pinksinavase

Same goes with bullet journal spreads, I used to want to create so many spreads for different months it got overwhelming and I ended up not using them because then I got another spread idea to create.

You don’t wanna end up like me. Not using what you created.

That’s why I’m gonna post this bullet journal theme ideas for each month by the end of the month.

So you will always know or at least get a slight inspiration on creating your spreads.

Can’t wait? Let’s get into it!

#Bullet Journal Theme Ideas for Cover Page

You can find lots of flower drawings here in the cover page section. And of course, flowers in pink as it’s Valentine’s Month!

Alright check these beautiful cover pages out:

I love how this cover has several flowers all in one place. Which makes it super pretty and creative.

credit @bujo_with_art

Simple and class flower drawings by Dianna.

credit @bullet_journal_dianna

If you want a simpler cover page but still in the Valentine’s Day mood, then this spread might worth to try.

credit @bullet_journal_hi

Look at how beautiful this one spread is! I was hooked by the swans and pretty hand-lettering at the top. @ made it more beautiful with the love spreads all over the page.

credit @bulletjournal.r

Though cherry blossoms aren’t here yet (at least in Canada), but you can go ahead and try this out.

credit @dypaupau

Candiessssss who love candies? This spread is so cute and colorful. It definitely takes more time to create a spread like this because of the doodles but guess it’s worth your time!:)

credit @kaylizaa

This tea time theme made by Melli is super cool, especially with the mix of pink and green colors.

credit @melli10472

Love curtain theme made by makes my heart so warm! Definitely need to try this out if you are into Valentine’s

credit @pen2paper_92

This unique circle of simple flowers drawing got me. I love how appealing this spread looks like.

credit @pinksinavase

Looking for a cover page with full of cute doodles? Then this might be perfect for your inspiration.

credit @squareddoodles

#Bullet Journal Theme Ideas for Weekly Spread

The weekly spread is super useful if you want a detailed review of what you are doing every day. It’s also a great tool for you to help you stay productive.

Here are some inspirations for the bullet journal theme that people mostly create in February:

Adding stickers help a lot to make your bujo spread more interesting.

credit @all.in.a.notebook

Another bujo spread idea with lovely stickers that you can try on Valentine’s.

credit @anisha_bujo

This simple spread is also worth to try if you don’t have much time. Oh, don’t forget to add that cute doodle at the bottom.

credit @bujo_by_kate

I love washi tapes so much, it just makes my life easier with my bullet journal journey.

This is one of the examples of how magical washi tape is once you put it on your bujo spread. Plus no need to worry about the drawing skill at all.

credit @bujojocey

If you aren’t into pink that much, this spread right here is a great example that you may want to try.

With the mix of black, brown, red, and a bit of pink washi, made it into a perfect weekly spread.

credit @bujolove778

Wanna make your weekly spread into all the bright pink colors? Then you definitely need to try this one.

credit @justjennysjournal

What attracts me the most about this spread is the pretty hand-letters all over the spread, with a bit touch of Tombow dual brush pen, you are good to go with your pinky weekly spread!

credit @mydottedjournal

Another elegant swan theme for your bujo spread you need to try in February.

credit @roosastudies
credit @roosastudies

#Bullet Journal Theme Ideas for Monthly Spread

We all know how important a monthly spread is. Upcoming events, celebrations, important tasks, deadlines, and birthdays.

Oh, birthdays!

If you are like me who tends to forget people’s birthday then a monthly spread will be your best friend.

I’ve rounded up some cute and super appealing monthly spread here that you might want to try in February:

Love letters theme by Anna that really got me and wanted to create one right away.

credit @all.in.a.notebook

If you want to have that all-pink look in your bullet journal spread, then try this out.

credit @buj0_with_me

Those cute doodles are what I love the most about this monthly spread. Also, the color looks so cool.

credit @bujo.fairytales

Another page with all the pinky look? yes! Bring it on.

credit @bujobrien

If you don’t wanna go minimalist with your bujo spreads then this might be a perfect example for you

credit @bujolove778

Bullet journal with the cup theme never gets old. and Juliette really knows how to pull it off perfectly.

credit @juliette_journals

Another cherry blossom theme that I love so much in February!

credit @mira.journals

If you wanna spend more time creating your bujo spread in February, this monthly spread idea might worth your time.

credit @pen2paper_92

I love how cheerful this spread makes me feel inside.

credit @rikomama0805

Oh, another swan drawing idea that got me. If you want something simple yet still looks classy then you may want to try this one spread.

credit @roosastudies

Ballons theme with the love shape is definitely something you need to try in February. Beautifully made by Estelle.

credit @stl.journals

#Bullet Journal Theme Ideas for Trackers

I think creating bujo trackers spread is the most exciting part for most people.

You see those super creative doodles on their trackers, be it on mood tracker, sleep log, habit tracker, study time or any other trackers.

Below you can see all kinds of trackers people created especially for February:


Instagram tracker spread by Megan. Super helpful to track your activity and achievements on the platform if you are active.

credit @pen2paper_92

This sleep log looks very simple and useful that you might want to try as well.

credit @all.in.a.notebook

Shally really pulled it off so well with this mental health check-in. Checking how you feel or what makes you anxious daily can help improve your mental health if you do it consistently.

credit @be.you.and.bujo

Aww look how cute it this spread by Kate. I’m pretty sure by looking at this before filling it in every day, it can bring a better mood already. Worth to try!

credit @bujo_by_kate

February habit tracker beautifully made by Brien. I love how simple and easy this spread to make. All you need are a pen and couple of washi tapes. Oh, one more color pen if you wanna draw that love icon at the top.

credit @bujobrien

Look how cute the red color in this spread is! And I love how the cute washi tape helps a lot to make it more appealing.

credit @bujolive

This is literally my go-to spread when I’m short in time yet still want to track my mood in daily basis.

credit @bullet_journal_hi

A habit tracker in envelopes theme? Trying it right away!

credit @easy.bujo

Another simple and easy-to-create habit tracker by Jenny that you need to try.

credit @justjennysjournal

Juline really got my heart with the beautiful flowers drawing and the lovely gratitude log.

credit @julinesdiary

I love the simplicity of this habit tracker spread. (also silently wishing I could track these many habits in one month though)

credit @justjennysjournal

This mood tracker spread by Jenny will definitely make your mood brighter.

bullet journal theme ideas in february
credit @justjennysjournal

Another candies theme spread that looks really interesting. Ah I wish I knew how to doodle.

credit @kaylizaa

Habit trackers in a full love shape? why not!

bullet journal theme ideas in february
credit @lifebyjessbujo

This habit tracker spread is worth to try if you are looking for classy and cool flowers drawing with darker colors.

bullet journal theme ideas in february
credit @mirabelspaperco

Still in full of lovey-dovey icons, this spread will make you feel so cheerful.

bullet journal theme ideas in february
credit @mybujoyesterday

Both of these trackers are very appealing especially with the bird drawing at the top. Also, if you look for an inspo for mood tracker jar theme, then this is the perfect one.

bullet journal theme ideas in february
credit @roosastudies

A very simple habit tracker to keep you on track.

bullet journal theme ideas in february
credit @smmlettering

A pinky habit tracker with some heartbeats drawing in between might be something you wanna try if you are into pink.

credit @stl.journals

If you just wanna stick with one color for all kinds of trackers you wanna make, then try this one.

bullet journal theme ideas in february
credit @taffy_journal

Last one is from @unni.plans. Another habit tracker but with all different colors. And the arrow drawing at the bottom just made it more beautiful.

bullet journal theme ideas in february
credit @unni.plans

Alright! That’s all from the February series. I really hope you find it helpful.

I’m not so active on Instagram so if you wanna show me your creative beautiful spreads, feel free to email me or drop a comment below, I’d love talking with you about it! :)

See you on Tuesday with other bujo inspo!

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