Bullet Journal Mistakes To Avoid in 2020 (Beginner’s Guide)


2020 is finally here! How crazy is that? Time flies so fast yet I hope this year you’ll be more excited with your bullet journal.

I don’t know about you but 2019 was really tough for me emotionally. But glad I pushed it through.

bullet journaling mistake you need to avoid in 2020
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Life isn’t always rainbows and bursts of sunshine, even on your bullet journal journey, there must be times where you feel stuck and not knowing whether you should continue your bullet journal or not.

And if you just started, good news! I’m gonna talk about all the mistakes you need to avoid this year in order for you to continue your bullet journal journey.

Let’s get into it!

#1 You Don’t Have a Purpose as Why You Want to Start a Bullet Journal

bullet journaling mistake you need to avoid in 2020
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Just like other things in life, you need to have a clear purpose of why you are doing certain things. What benefits you want to get and how much time are you willing to put your efforts into it.

The same goes for bullet journaling. If you do it just for the sake of it, or maybe your friend has it too so you think it’s cool to have one then you miss out big time.

There are many people out there whose lives have changed because of bullet journaling. It helps them improve their life for the better. 

Their life became more on track with the habit tracker spread, they achieve more goals because of the weekly spread and they are more stable emotionally because of the mood tracker.

Well, there is nothing wrong with wanting to create aesthetic bullet journal pages and post them on Instagram. I love them too.

But if you don’t end up using them, then what’s the point? You have spent so much time in it, so might as well make the best out of it, right?

So before you start one in 2020, make sure you have a clear purpose of why you feel like, by bullet journaling, your life is gonna be better.

#2 You Buy Too Many Supplies in The First Try

bullet journaling mistake you need to avoid
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Ok moving on.

This is one of the mistakes that I’ve made too.

I knew I wanted to start one because I had to track my habits, headed to the stationary store nearby and bought a big chunk of pens, stickers, watercolor, and other stuff I don’t end up using.

I wish I knew better so I wouldn’t spend so much money on it.

I know you look up ideas on Pinterest and determined to make it like that, I get it. But bullet journaling is a process.

If all you have are a pen, one notebook, and a ruler, then you have everything you need to start one. Then if you feel like you wanna be more creative with your spreads, you can start adding your supplies one by one.

#3 You Try Too Hard to Make Your Bullet Journal Spreads Pretty or Aesthetic

bujo pages ideas
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Have you ever tried too hard to make it ‘aesthetic’ and spent hours doing that, at least once?

Don’t lie!

Not that it’s wrong, but more often than not, when you try too hard to make your bujo spreads in a certain way, you just put unnecessary stress on yourself. And it’s not worth it, trust me.

The point of creating the bujo spreads is for you to track what’s going on in your life so then you can take action on which part of your life that needs to be improved.

So it means you gotta use it eventually. Even when it doesn’t look as pretty as other bujo spreads you see on Instagram.

Be proud of what you create.


#4 You Always Compare Other People’s Bullet Journal Pages with Yours

bujo pages ideas
Photo Credit: by @withkx

What’s worse than feeling like whatever we are creating, it’s just not enough?

Yeah been there. Trust me, you don’t wanna go into that rabbit hole.

I honestly felt super overwhelmed by how beautiful all these bujo spreads and how can people be so creative? And then saw my own bujo spreads then thought it’s ugly and I ended up losing interest in using it.

But then again, bullet journaling is a process. People have learned so many skills to create those pretty hand-letter cover pages with the watercolor splash or cute doodle here and there on the spread.

It’s constant and if you are new and can’t draw or doodle, then please don’t feel discouraged and think that yours aren’t pretty.

You can always learn a new skill and improve your creativity in creating your bullet journal spreads over time.

#5 You Lack Patience so You Give Up Your Bullet Journal

Ok the last one is your lack of patience so you end up ditching it.

This happened to me once last year. I have some spreads that I couldn’t keep up to fill them in daily.

So from there, I figured moving forward, I will only create the spreads that I truly need and believe in, not what others told me what I should and shouldn’t put on my bullet journal spreads.

Because basically if you keep adding spreads you don’t really end up using, just because you see other people have it, then it’s gonna waste your time.

You might as well use that time to learn a new skill like how to doodle or draw or a simple thing like how to use washi tape on your bullet journal, rather than spending hours and hours creating spreads you know you aren’t gonna use.

This lack of patience can also come when you are in the middle of creating your bullet journal spreads.

I found it hard when I don’t have one exact theme that I wanna try for the whole month because I feel like I have to create a different layout look in every spread.

Then, of course, it gets too overwhelming and just quit overall.

bujo spreads ideas
Photo Credit by: @thebulletgram

So if you are like me, sticking on one theme for each month might help.

Alright! Those are the 5 mistakes that I think you should avoid in 2020, so you can continue creating the bullet journal spreads that you are proud of and get massive benefits from it.

I’m feeling excited for the 2020 and got a list of skills I would love to develop in bullet journaling.

Do let me know your 2020 goals (I’m sure you have some, c’mon)

And whatever it is, I hope you make it and ofc, don’t forget to put those goals on your weekly/month spread for your kind reminder.

That’s it for now. I’ll talk to you on Tuesday! :)


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